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 After the accident there are many questions you may have. How can I recover the value of my vehicle, pay for my medical bills, pay for my future medical bills, who is going to pay for the work I may have to miss, who is going to compensate me for what I have been through?

At the Law Offices of Jacobson & Tchernev, we will help you through all of these difficult questions and help you recover the maximum amount you are entitled to, for what you have been through.

Whether you have had a fall, a car accident, a work injury, a nursing home injury, or a medical error, our skilled and aggressive trial attorneys have one goal, maximize the amount of money you receive on your claim. 

You need a strong litigator and advocate on your side to protect your rights and protect your money. No matter how big or how small the matter is, we are here to help.

Car Accident Injuries
Fall Injuries
Medical Errors

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