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Client, a car wash attendant, suffered permanent herniations after being struck by the open door of a vehicle, when the driver placed the vehicle in reverse instead of park. The driver’s insurance company denied that the client’s injuries were permanent or that they would result in future disability.


Client was standing on the sidewalk when a driver lost control of their vehicle and drove upon the sidewalk striking the client. The client was dragged approximately 30 feet by the vehicle before the at-fault driver could regain control. Client suffered significant permanent scarring all over their body .


Client was injured in a trucking accident and diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of the TBI lingered for two years post accident. Insurance for the trucking company accused client of exaggerating the symptoms. After extensive litigation and expert reports, insurance tendered the limits of the policy.


Client fell and suffered significant injuries while on a construction job site. Suit was filed against general contractor for lack of safety equipment, lack of supervision, and OSHA violations. After a significant amount of discovery and depositions, the matter was resolved favorable for our injured client.


Client was assaulted and seriously injured by a security guard, following a dispute in the parking lot of a popular bar. Bar disputed liability, claiming guard was off the clock. Insurance company for the security company filed suit denying coverage for the incident. Case settled a week before trial, after 3 years of vigorously contested litigation.


Client suffered a complete shoulder ligament tear after being rear ended during a multi-vehicle car accident on the highway. Before trial one defendant settled for the small limits of their policy, while the other defendant’s insurance made no offer. After a hard fought three day trial, attorney Steven Jacobson overcame several unfavorable trial rulings to secure a significant jury verdict in excess of the policy limits.


Child was struck with a ball during camp, suffering a minor eye injury. Months later, the child experienced significant vision loss in the same eye. Insurance company for the non-for-profit camp claimed the vision loss could not be related and that the parents had signed a liability waiver. Our litigation experts testified that the camp did not follow its own safety policies and how this type of injury led to the vision loss.


Client was crossing a residential street when he was struck by a drunk driver. The incident report showed client crossing in the middle of the street. Because of this the insurance company denied the claim initially, despite their insured’s significantly over the limit blood alcohol level. Our client suffered a leg fracture requiring surgery.  Shortly after defendant’s deposition, the matter was resolved at mediation. 


Client was rear ended on the highway by a semi-truck, causing a mild traumatic brain injury, several rib fractures, and lacerated kidney. Client fortunately made a speedy recovery, without significant post-concussion symptoms and limitations. Due to the heavy pre-litigation involvement by our firm, the matter was resolved during a pre-litigation mediation.


Client was involved in a serious head-on collision. At the time of the accident, client was in their personal vehicle, because their semi-trailer had broken down and client was looking for repair parts. The insurance limits of the defendant driver were insufficient to pay for even some of the client’s medical bills. After careful investigation, interviews, and research, our office determined that the trucking policy issued to our client provided additional coverage for the incident.


Client suffered a serious ankle fracture when an unsalted patch of ice caused his foot to wedge between two adjacent sidewalk slabs. The building owner denied responsibility, claiming the ice was a natural occurrence. During discovery, we determined that the drainage around the sidewalk caused melting snow to pool at the location of the fall and that the adjacent slabs had been ground down in attempts to offset the difference in height. Defendant made no offer to resolve the case at any time before arbitration.


 Client suffered a thumb fracture requiring two surgeries, when another vehicle made a left turn in front of client’s car. The insurance company did not respond timely to a demand to settle within the policy limits, at which point suit was filed. Due to the insurance company’s failure to tender the underlying policy limits on time, our firm was able to secure an additional $245,000.00 in excess and above the policy limits from the insurance company for our injured client.


Client, a truck driver, was injured when another driver entered the highway in the wrong direction and struck client’s semi-trailer. The collision caused injury to client’s shoulder, which at first improved significantly with only physical therapy. However, several months later the pain returned and client was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, requiring surgery. Despite the significant gap in treatment, our office obtained the limits of the insurance policy.


Commercial driver was injured when rear-ended by another truck resulting in multiple neck and back injuries. The defendant’s insurance denied the injuries were related to the accident and argued that they were as a result of the driver’s age and occupation.


Client was rear ended on the highway, resulting in a concussion, neck injuries, and a full meniscal tear, requiring surgery. The defendant’s insurance disputed the extent of the injuries, due to little visible damage to the client’s car. In addition, the insurance claimed that the injuries were degenerative, and age related.


 Client suffered a serious fall when stepping out of a car in a poorly lit parking lot. Investigation revealed that the location of the injury had a curb which had never been finished. This caused dirt and mulch from the nearby planter bed to flow freely into the parking lot, creating an uneven and dangerous walking surface. The commercial establishment owners denied responsibility. After years of litigation, the matter settled at mediation.


   A client suffered serious internal injuries in an accident when another driver turned left directly in front of the client’s vehicle. Defendant’s insurance alleged that the client was going too fast before impact. Our expert reconstruction team immediately examined the vehicles and established that the client was going below the speed limit. The defendant’s insurance quickly thereafter offered the full insurance policy.


 A client was injured when another vehicle crossed the road and struck client’s vehicle. Client suffered injuries which required surgery. The case was resolved for the limits of the insurance policy.  


Client fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her ankle. The ankle was surgically repaired. The building owner denied any responsibility. Through diligent investigation and the hiring of an expert architect, our attorneys proved to an arbitrator that the building stairs did not meet code requirements, were constructed improperly, and were poorly lit. Defendant’s insurance company never made an offer to settle the case.


Motorcycle rider  was injured when a driver turned left directly in front of the motorcycle, causing the client to be launched 15 feet in the air.  Client suffered a concussion and fractures to both wrists, requiring surgery. Defendant’s insurance initially refused to tender the limits of the policy insisting that there were no permanent injuries. After limited litigation, the defendant’s insurance company agreed to settle for the policy limits.


Client was crossing the street when an inattentive driver made a left turn, striking the client in the crosswalk. Client suffered a broken leg requiring surgery. Insurance company disputed that client had the walk sign, however by using an accident reconstruction report we were able to show the sequence of traffic lights and that our client did indeed have the walk sign. Our office secured the limits of the policy.


Client was installing wiring at a fast food establishment when he fell through the ceiling causing injuries to his back. The defendant disputed liability, blaming client for his fall. The matter eventually was resolved through mediation.


Suit on behalf of a client alleging breach of contract and breach of credit agreement. Cook County judge awarded full damages for the  breach of contract claim.


Client’s spouse lost control of the vehicle and drove it into a building, causing client to suffer a compression fracture of the spine.


Client was rear ended by a drunk driver while stopped at a red light. Client suffered a partial meniscus tear, requiring surgery, and neck injuries, requiring physical therapy.


Clients were injured when they were t-boned by a driver running a red light. Clients suffered various neck and back injuries, including a knee fracture. Defendant’s insurance company disputed whether the injuries were related to the incident, claiming they were of a pre-existing nature.


Client suffered smoke inhalation when an inattentive construction worker left a propane torch lit and unattended, while taking a call in the adjacent townhome. The torch caused the adjoining wall to catch fire.  After extensive litigation and expert depositions, the insurance company resolved the matter prior to trial.


 Client was injured when left turning vehicle disobeyed it’s red light striking client’s car. Client reported knee pain a month after the accident and eventually had surgery. At-fault driver did not have sufficient coverage, so a claim was made with client’s own insurance company. Insurance denied that knee injury was related to the accident. After securing the right orthopedic expert, we were able to win at arbitration.


Client had recently moved into an apartment building in Chicago and when using the back stairs, the client fell and suffered a fractured ankle requiring surgery. The defendant’s insurance company denied liability as to any defect in the stairs or lighting. During litigation and extensive discovery, and with the help of experts on lighting and stair construction, we proved that the stairs lacked proper lighting and violated construction codes for design and safety.


Client stopped by a famous chain restaurant after work for late night meal. Upon leaving the restaurant, client slipped and fell down a flight of recently mopped stairs. Client suffered a herniated disk as a result of the fall, requiring several injections. The restaurant denied liability, claiming there were wet floor signs. During litigation, however, defendant claimed that they could not produce the surveillance footage.


Client suffered a fractured wrist after his car was struck while making a left turn. The case had been rejected by multiple billboard law firms, due to police report placing fault with our client. The defendant even filed a lawsuit against our client. Through diligent investigation, our attorneys located two witnesses to the accident who unequivocally stated that defendant actually ran the red light. After the witnesses’ unequivocal deposition testimony, the case settled. 


Client was walking through a parking lot during a snowstorm, when she slipped and fell on ice suffering a fractured leg that required surgery. The building management company denied responsibility forcing us to file suit. After multiple depositions, our office determined that a plastic downspout extender was routinely in the spot of the injury, causing the unnatural accumulation of ice. Building management claimed that the plastic extender never existed. During a field inspection, our attorneys and hired expert observed recent marks in the grass, clearly demonstrating that the extender was recently moved. The insurance company was forced to settle thereafter.


Client was struck in the face, causing significant facial fractures, during an altercation outside of a college party. After months of investigation, the police, unable to find a suspect, closed the case. The client came to the Law Offices of Jacobson and Tchernev for help, thereafter. After nearly seven years of litigation, investigation, and over twenty witness depositions, including a successful Appellate Court decision in favor of our client, the matter proceeded to a weeklong trial. The defendant and his college friends denied responsibility throughout the trial. During the weeklong trial, our attorneys used the conflicting testimony of defendant’s friends to convince the jury that defendant was the individual responsible for the client’s injuries. 


 A truck driver making repairs to his truck, on the side of the road, was side-swiped by another truck causing the driver to fall down a highway embankment and suffer several herniated disks. Client underwent significant physical therapy, including steroidal injections, to alleviate the pain symptoms. The defendant trucking company denied that they were responsible for the client’s injuries, arguing that the impact to the client’s trailer was minimal.


Client was injured when another car struck the back wheels of his trailer, causing the client’s semi-truck and trailer to flip over on the highway. Client suffered a broken hand which did not require surgery. The matter was resolved for the maximum of the insurance policy of $100,000.00. 


 Client on motorcycle was cutoff by inattentive driver, exiting a side street, causing significant lower body injuries. The insurance company claimed that the client was at fault for the accident because he was speeding and denied liability. After interviewing witnesses using accident reconstruction techniques the Law Offices of Jacobson and Tchernev proved that the client’s speed was not a factor in the accident. The matter settled immediately thereafter for the maximum of the insurance policy of $100,000.00. 


 Client was struck from behind at low speed on the expressway causing injury to his shoulder which required surgery to repair a torn labrum. The insurance company claimed that the low speed of the impact could not have caused the injury and that due to the client’s age the injury was pre-existing. After extensive litigation and expert medical testimony, the case resolved in favor of the client for the maximum of the insurance policy of $100,000.00.  


Client was walking out of a building when a carpet installer threw a rug over the second story balcony striking client in the head. The client suffered neck and head injuries which required hospitalization and therapy. After extremely contested litigation the building owner and carpet company settled the case during a pre-trial conference. 


Client was rear ended in stop and go traffic causing a re-injury of client’s shoulder. Insurance company had promised client to resolve the matter, but one week before the limitations period ran out , client hired our attorneys to prosecute the case. If not for hiring our attorneys, who immediately filed suit, client would have lost any chance of compensation, had she listened to the  other driver’s insurance company.  


Client on the way to work was struck on the side by a distracted driver who ran a red light. Client suffered a partially torn meniscus requiring surgery. The defendant’s insurance settled for the policy limits of $100,000.00 dollars.

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