“I believe that our firm is different because we keep an open line of communication with our clients.  To us, every client is a unique individual with different needs that we strive to meet; they are not just a file number.

Our clients have direct access to the firm’s attorneys and know the progress of their case every step of the way. All decisions regarding the case are made with a client’s’ full knowledge and understanding, because informed clients are happy clients. ”

Ivo Tchernev
attorney photo

Ivo focuses his work on the firm’s most complex personal injury cases. These range from serious trucking accidents to multi-party construction injury cases. In addition, he frequently represents the firm’s corporate clients in Federal and State courts.

Ivo also serves as outside general counsel for freight carriers and freight brokers, advising them as to contractual matters and internal issues. He handles litigation claims associated with commercial contracts, employee relations, and cargo claims.

Ivo knows first hand the difficulties most Bulgarians face when dealing with legal situations, being himself a first generation immigrant. He is active in the local Bulgarian community and has authored many articles to educate the community in Chicago about their legal rights.

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