My doctor made a mistake, can I file a lawsuit? That is a very common question we receive but the answer is very complex and depends on numerous intricate details. There are two important factors to consider in whether or not you have a claim for medical malpractice. The first factor is was the doctor’s conduct outside the standard of care required by their medical field or profession. This may include a wrong diagnosis or treatment, failing to provide appropriate treatment, a delay in treatment, or even prescribing the wrong medication. The second factor is what injuries the patient sustained.

It is very important to note that statistics show that most medical errors do not result in harm to the patient because there are numerous safety precautions and safeguards in place to prevent injury to patients. These safeguards are the reason why, contrary to popular belief, only an extremely small number of medical errors result in actual claims or lawsuits. Unfortunately, some medical errors do have devastating consequences and can leave patients with serious injuries or even result in death.

If you or someone you know has been injured you should contact an experienced attorney to properly evaluate your claim as soon as possible. Possible medical injuries are birth injury, brain injury, a delay, failure, or wrong diagnosis, surgical errors, and nursing home neglect and abuse.

As with any other personal injury case, the Law Offices of Jacobson & Tchernev is happy to provide you with a consultation regarding your claim free of charge.

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